Wave to THE Crowd!

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

When you wear the Scarlet and Grey of THE Ohio State Buckeyes as often as I do, you get accustomed to the greetings proffered by strangers.

“O-H!” they shout after noticing my Buckeye hoodie, cap or jersey.

The correct response to getting O-H’d is a knowing “I-O.”

And of course, a knowing glance. THE fraternity’s secret handshake!

I have been a member of two other “cults” which similar to Buckeye Nation, had a “secret handshake.”

As an American, a boy and a car lover I dreamed of one day owning a Corvette. My dreams were not as big as this kid dreams, but a dream none-the-less!

Months before I was to get married, I mentioned to my soon-to-be best-man that I was hoping to one-day own a Vette. He shared that after I tied the knot, I would need to get my wife’s permission to spend that kind of money on a car or a dream!

Within a week, I owned a Vette.

Decades before I received my fist “O-H!” I learned about THE Vette “Wave.”

Wave is in quotes because it’s not a wave at all. In-fact if you actually wave, you’re voted off the island for not knowing better, and sent to the land of the uncool.

THE Vette Wave is far more subtle. A mere nod of the head sort of gesture. Only made with your fingers! A digital message, from a time when the word digital meant “related to a finger.” One or all of the fingers of your driving hand lifted slowly off the steering wheel briefly enough to be noticed.

But not long enough to be un-cool.

Looking at this p