Who Left The Peanut Butter Opened?

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

In the Lipton family, my mother’s cooking is legendary. It's a testament to the human intestinal track that all four of us are still alive.

I remember once when I was a kid my mother decided to try her hand at making pecan-crusted chicken for dinner. For a woman who thinks that tomato sauce and ketchup are interchangeable (“it’s tomatoes!”), making pecan-crusted chicken for dinner should have stayed an aspiration!

Undeterred by the conspicuous absence of pecans in the house, she began a culinary adventure.

Sitting at the dinner table later that night, my father, sister and I were unaware that a memory that would last 45 years (so far) was upon us. Hungry from a day behind the counter in his paint store, my father took the first bite.

I will never forget that expression!

Chewing. Slowly. Using his tongue to clear his palate, my father prepared to speak words soon immortal.

“Is that peanut butter?” He asked. “On the chicken?”

Turns out, all nuts are not the same!

This week, we all got a little peanut butter on our chicken, compliments of Benjamin Moore! Yesterday, they announced a new sales agreement with Ace, which will allow all Ace stores no matter their proximity to existing Benjamin Moore dealers, to buy premium products directly from the Ace warehouse, with no shipping minimums. Independent dealers will need more than a little jelly and a glass of milk to swallow this down.

But despite the initial pasty feeling it leaves in my mouth and an interesting coincidence, which I’ll get to shortly, I do not find myself surprised nor offended by this deal.

Independent paint retailers, its time we are honest with ourselves: Benjamin Moore is in a difficult spot. In the last several decades, despite how well many of us are doing individually, our channel has lost a tremendous amount of market share. A few decades ago, 30 out of every 100 gallons sold in the US was sold by an independent paint retailer. As the largest player in that channel, that was very good news for Benjamin Moore. This year, that number will be around 8 gallons out of every hundred! While there are other boxers in the ring, Benjamin Moore has bourn the brunt of that beat-down.