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You're Going To Have To Wait!

My daughter is home for the week and I’m so excited to have her back! I miss her when she’s away at school and besides; I need the material to start my columns!

We moved in January while she was “studying abroad”. I generally just call it “abroad” because I don’t recall hearing anystories of her studying while she was there! But until this week, she has only spent one night in our new house.

Despite the excitement of having her home, I find that I can only think of one thing right now: toilet paper holders!

The toilet paper holders in our new house are really nice: not the sort of brag I normally share but I can’t resist. They are sort of a pewter-metallic color that goes really well with the walls, which are 1604 Silvery Moon if you have a Benjamin Moore fan deck handy and give a shit what color my daughter’s bathroom is!

But the color of the toilet paper holder is not what has caught my attention.

Toilet paper holders open in a very limited number of ways and until I saw these, it was even more limited as far as I knew! I’ve never seen one open to change the roll like this one does.

I can still remember my very FIRST thought as soon as I figured out myself how to change the roll:

Miranda will NEVER figure this out!

It’s not that I underestimate my daughter; it’s just that I KNOW her! She’ll give one side a pull and if that doesn’t work…..well, the toilet paper is fine on the floor!

This is about the time in my blog where I transition to paint and tell some story about how my daughter’s toilet paper changing skills apply to your life in the independent dealer channel.

Not today!

Today I’m going to leave it there while I work on a podcast and blog for later this week. I’ve got two fairly significant pieces of work slated to drop: a blog on Thursday and a pod on Friday. In fact, you’ll probably even hear from me on Wednesday as well, when I'll start to explain what this is all about!

I promise, you will NOT want to miss these!

These posts WILL be on the biggest topic there has been to cover so far this year and no, I’m not joking!

So subscribe to my podcast here:, the blog you already get obviously! I’ll be speaking to you again this week: a few times!


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