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A Lie I Can Forgive

Updated: Feb 28

I recently christened my hometown of Stamford, Connecticut as the country’s pizza capital and now, the city finds itself ranked 49th on a list of the best cities in the country to live!


But not because Americans love pizza. 


Beyond its pizza Stamford boasts eight Fortune 500 companies, theaters, television and content creation studios, a university, a seminary and enough restaurants, bars and venues to serve a population approaching 140,000 people. 


More than three-quarters of whom reside walking distance from the city’s vibrant downtown or beachfront neighborhoods! 


Stamford’s east side bounds the Long Island Sound giving residents free beach access and access to two city-owned marinas. That access allowing some Stamford residents the luxury of walking from their homes to their boats in nothing but their flip flops!


The mayor believes it’s those amenities plus access to the city’s 56 parks which inspired a thong to relocate to Stamford recently, an untruth I can forgive the mayor considering her status as the city’s top hype girl!


But while I appreciate the mayor’s enthusiasm–they’re not here for the pizza! 


Since New York’s Covid lockdowns–now celebrating their third anniversary–more than 50,000 people have fled New York City to live in Connecticut with more than 12,000 of them settling in Stamford.

The first reasonably priced real estate they encountered as they fled the city!


Once settled I’m confident the transplants were disappointed in the selection of theaters, restaurants and venues Stamford offers which when compared to New York become far less attractive. Their treks home ballooning ridership between Stamford and New York beyond pre-pandemic levels.


And everybody but the mayor knows the reason!  


Last week I released the first episode of my new podcast series, “Charles Gassenheimer’s Lies,” which became a fast hit. A response which did not exactly catch me off guard.


Since initiating my coverage of the Gassenheimer and Kelly-Moore affairs, engagement on my content channels and LinkedIn profile continues to rise.  And I continue to receive emails, texts and DM’s from the former employees, vendors, landlords and others “claimants” of the affairs, most of whom are looking for Moore!

The new series allows more space to share details of my investigations into Charles Gassenheimer and the Kelly-Moore affair and for those wondering what to expect from the series, THE name says it all.


Episode two drops next week and in it I share what I learned about Gassenheimer in the days after recording that now fateful podcast which informed my decision to bring an immediate end to our dealings.


After that I'll share the original video I recorded with Gassenheimer adding commentary and context–which has changed dramatically since that recording was made.

When I've gone through it all, which may take as many as three episodes, I’ll post the original video complete and uninterrupted.


For those who just can’t get enough! 

Speaking with an independent last week the conversation turned to the condition of their stores inside and out, giving me the opportunity to share my perspectives on store maintenance planning and its importance to a retailer.


I recall thinking that the advice I gave might benefit other dealers, which until recently would have been enough to cause me to grab my mike and lay down a new track. But who's got time for dealers now that Kelly-Moore and Charles Gassenheimer are giving me my 15-minutes?


I felt bad not making the time to make the dealer content, though not bad enough to pull the idea from the bin. Caught in Kelly's spell I seem to have prioritized dealers to down to #THEOtherMoores


I hope #Dan can forgive me!  



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