Better to Be Lucky Than Good!

Russian chess grand-master Garry Kasparov said that, “you have to be damned good before luck can be of any use to you.”

Which may be true in chess! But in life, a kiss on the cheek from Mercy herself can often be worth more than skill and practice combined.

At 1:08 on Wednesday afternoon, as the world and I learned about the protests which were turning into riots at THE Capitol, I grabbed my phone and texted the only person I wanted to hear from at that moment.

Four hours and one-minute later, with the stress of not receiving a reply weighing heavily on me, I texted again.

“I’m thinking about you” I said.

Which I was. Constantly at that point.

At 5:09 “Robert” replied: “I’m safe.”

"Robert" (not real name), is a United States Capitol Police officer.

Robert is good at the job, and has the commendations to prove it. But on January 6, 2021 as an insurrection was building on the steps of THE Capitol, Robert was home asleep. Resting-up at home between two 12-hour shifts.

A bit of luck in my opinion! Though I am not sure that Robert would agree wit