But Dinner is ALWAYS Ready at 6:30?

THE upstairs all to himself with a full bathroom, a bedroom (aka-my former office) and a makeshift office, Chris only needs comes downstairs three times each day.

Meal times!

Breakfast, usually around 10, is a bacon, egg and cheese on a toasted roll. But only if his mom is around! If she’s not, then it’s back to college-days for Chris: a handful of cereal and a swig of milk to wash it down! Lunch, usually around 2 PM, is a sandwich of his own making. Like many in Stamford both Chris and his mother, my partner in life Gaetana (Guy), call it a sangwich!

And then of course, there’s dinner.

I don’t see Chris’ feedings every day of course, but I’ve seen it enough to know the routine. Especially from my current office: aka the island in the kitchen! But, with an inspection job I have going on, shopping and running other errands, writing and speaking to paint dealers (often from town parks just to get out of the house) it wouldn’t have caught his attention on Thursday at his first two trips down the steps that I was not there. I would have never crossed his mind.

Until he descended for his 6:30 feeding!

By 6:30 PM on Thursday I was already in southern Virginia, about one third of the way on another drive to Florida. With Guy back at work out of the house full-time, the sigh you may have heard was her recognition that she was going to have to shop and cook for the next two-weeks!

But don’t worry, Chris will not go hungry!

Of course the menu is going to switch from pork chops, burgers and anything else I can put on my new bbq or into a cast iron skillet, to chicken cutlets (Guy’s moms are better), meatballs (there are NONE better!) and chicken philly (which is much better when Chris isn’t home because when she makes it for me-it’s got mushrooms!

The drive to Florida was better than expected. With the help of my drone, a white BMW 330i with the paddle shifters and a nephew at a car rental company who got the price down to that of a Chevy, the trip went quickly and easily. Not as easily as getting on a plane and flying down of course! But I try to avoid spending hours inside a steel test tube with wings during a pandemic!

When it was time to leave Florida after my father passed away, my sister and I had already been in the Swampy State for five and three weeks respectively. It was time to go home. So with my mother not quite ready to be alone, she went to spend some time with her favorite grandson Andrew and his fiancée Erica in their home in Orlando, less than three hours from her apartment.