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"Explain the Shirt!"

When you plan to spend your winter in Stamford, Connecticut, you don’t need to pack a lot of short sleeve shirts!

So when my mother escaped Florida to ride out the pandemic here in THE City that Works, she packed light.

A resident of the Sunshine State for over 25-years mom had no plans to leave the house and brave a Northeast winter. We had trouble getting her more than eight feet from the fire! Anyway, where was there to go? With all indoor activities in Stamford and it's environs closed due to Covid restrictions my mother, a fashionista, chose minimalist over couture. "Why schlep the bags?" Which explains mom getting her shot numbers one and two in the same coral tee-shirt.

With the second dose of mRNA-1273 THE Covid vaccine from Moderna coursing through her veins, mom had had enough of her kids and Stamford's blustery winters. With her second shot administered, mom went back to Florida. For the warmth.

And the wardrobe!

Back in town, mom immediately joined the march of seniors emerging, from Covid's darkness.

Activities are socially distant but the Florida weather makes get-together's easy. Already she's had dinners, lunches, card games and pizza night. And that was just week one!

She had better settle down And not do so much partying.

Or at least that's what she would have told me if she found out I was going out when I was a Terp at the University of Maryland from 1981-1985. That's me on the left, with the nice hair.

With mom back home, for the first time since the pandemic began my finance Gaetana and I are empty nesters. And with Guy still leaving the house for work every day, I’m back to spending my mornings and afternoons alone, in a quiet house.

Which means, naps!

Between the occasional nap I have been able to record some podcasts. My guest on the “Mark, My Words” pod and vlogcast this week is Tom Hill of C2 Paint. Tom speaks about a new program they call "Dealer Select." But it's Tom’s job to tell you all about it so you'll have to tune in to the episode to learn more. You can listen on Soundcloud, Apple or on my own site.

I’ve been having so much fun making these podcast episodes as vlogcasts. So much nuance gets lost without the face and its expressions. The video adds that dimension back. I was not a big fan of video-chatting for business communications before the pandemic but I admit: the isolation caused by Covid has changed my thinking on the medium. I’m stoked that you guys are enjoying watching them. If the video is your thing you can watch me and Tom here on my YouTube channel or of course here on my own site.


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