Happy Birthday Buck!

Buck Wheat wafted into Stamford last week; the trip just long enough to say that she didn’t have time to stay!

The three-day slide through town just a day longer than the labor her mother endured to bring the girl to life!

Buck Wheat of course is the sobriquet of my daughter Miranda; THE name given in honor of her four-years as a Buckeye at THE Ohio State University.

Both my muse and jester, Buck Wheat turns 24 today.

Put Me in Coach!

“Not yet” said the attending physician as she completed her examination of the Buck’s mother-to-be.

“Go eat something spicy!” the doctor and nurses said. Sharing a wives’ tales thought to bring on labor.

Three-hours later we were admitted to a labor-and-delivery room. The nurses insisting it was the shrimp fra diavolo which had Baby Lipton looking to come out two-days ahead of schedule.

The birthing of each new soul is a miracle to someone and at 7:20 a.m., after a night with little rest from the labors, the Lipton family had its miracle.

And it’s first opportunity to extend Tremont Paint’s history into a fifth generation!