Home Alone 4!

My fiancée is out of town visiting her family for four days. It was billed as an “aunt’s weekend," so Uncle Mark was left home!

With her gone and with my daughter still in Barcelona “studying” abroad, I find myself “in-charge” of the house for four days. I love all the power! Immediately before taking a nap on the couch, I changed a few rules of the house! For the next four days, the closet doors will ALL be left open, the toilet seats will be left up and bodily sounds are funny again!

When Guy (that’s my fiancée) comes back of course, she will find the house exactly as she left it (I’m no dummy)! As she left it, with one small caveat: I am no longer going to squeegee the glass shower doors after I shower!

AFTER we moved into our new house two months ago, I was told that the glass shower doors needed to be squeegeed dry after EACH AND EVERY shower! “Jeeeez, you are REALLY demanding,” I said to myself! Right before going to the hardware store to buy a squeegee.

I wish she had told me all this before we signed the lease! I would have insisted on a house with shower curtains!

It turns out though that squeegeeing the shower doors is totally unnecessary! I am now three showers into my “no-squeegee” experiment and my findings cannot be disputed: squeegeeing the shower doors provides no additional aesthetic improvements from the evaporation method.

I plan on making my case when my fiancée returns. I am NOT going back to standing there cold and wet after a shower, drying doors which Mother Nature has a perfectly good method for drying!

After I tell her all that, maybe I’ll at least get us a bigger squeegee so I can do it faster?

I have been working with a dealer recently on a project to reduce the number of manufacturers he deals with. He’s got a nice business but buys paint from too many vendors and as a result makes none of them happy.

And you do need your vendors to be happy with you.

The story of the dealer with too many lines should be a cautionary tale for you! More is not necessarily better. It’s tempting to think that the more brands you have the more “pull” you’ll have in the market, but that’s not always true. The only time that may be true, is if you add a brand that pulls in customers on their own! Otherwise, you are just spreading out your own existing sales onto more vendors, and making all of them a little less satisfied with you as a customer.