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I Didn't Say It

Updated: Feb 13

On January 8th when Kelly-Moore chief executive Charles Gassenheimer announced that his company would “immediately cease operations” and commence an “orderly wind down” he was being less than forthright about one of the otherwise contradictory statements! 

If not in his own opinion, according to the dictionary!


But more than just misleading, the statement lied–both overtly and through omission– before advancing Gassenheimer’s risible delusion that his “wind down” will occur “out-of-court.” 


Which if he believes, makes him has incompetent as he is arrogant!


Because even a minimally competent CEO would understand that if they closed their company while owing employees, vendors, landlords, agencies, authorities and associations close to $50,000,000, they're going to get sued.


I’ve begun work on a new podcast series and expect to have the first episode available within two weeks.  The series will begin to highlight findings from my investigation into the Kelly-Moore affair, and THE lies of Charles Gassenheimer!

It Was Long Enough!

I had THE opportunity to “meet” Charles Gassenheimer on two different occasions–if you extend the definition of meet to include introduction via Zoom.  On the first of those calls Charles and I were among several participants, which limited our interactions. 


On our second call we were one-on-one; the call intended to be recorded as a podcast introducing the new Kelly-Moore CEO to independent paint retailers and followers of my channels.

It was planned to be the first of several sponsored episodes I would be paid to produce for Gassenheimer, as I have for other executives who wanted to reach paint retailers.


But during that recording–which lasted just 23 minutes and 14 seconds–I began to question my newfound association and decided I wanted to know more about Charles Gassenheimer. 

A few calls were enough to learn that since taking over Kelly-Moore just months earlier Gassenheimer was behaving unethically towards vendors of the company and had a reputation for not paying his bills.

Not the sort of trouble I needed while trying to advance a semi-retired lifestyle, no matter the opportunity.


A Google search, removing any final doubts!

Via text I explained my plans to wind down our relationship in an orderly fashion which I recall left him curious, seeking answers.

Which he did not get, because the call lasted less than 30-seconds.

With plans to keep the call short I knew I didn't have enough time to explain to Gassenheimer that as matter of principle, I don't deal with people who lie.

Which assuredly would have made him ask, "What's a principle?"

And I didn't have all fucking day!    


We’re All Adults!


Pairing the confidence of a Jedi Master in a pub brawl with the paint acumen of the newest hire at the Home Depot paint counter, Charles Gassenheimer had little clue how they laughed when he left the room.  The man a believer in his own big dick energy, while others believe he's just a dick!







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