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I Forgot the Sour Cream!

Damn it!

Before we went into quarantine I forgot to get sour cream! I DO have plenty of Frito's but that's only half a party to me! Like Cheech without Chong!

But we have lots of toilet paper so by the new standards we are all living under......I'm RICH!

I know I'm hitting your inbox a lot these days between the blog and LinkedIn. I'm sorry. I'm aware that this is a busy time for you, so I'm trying to keep my posts short and specific to helping you in this crisis. I'm aware from speaking to many of you that you are desperate for information on how to handle this crisis and so I wanted to share a few things.

I put a new podcast up today. It's here on my site: or it will hit your phone if you use SoundCloud or Apple. It's short, less than 30 minutes. But packed with information to help you take the first steps that you must take in every crisis. I'll add more in the coming weeks.

Also, I have added two items to my website that I wanted you to know about. If you're on a desktop, at the top in the menu bar you will see a new tab called "Coronavirus Announcements," if you're on a mobile device it's in the hamburger in the upper right. This tab has a list of all the announcements I have been able to find from all the vendors that deal in our channel. I'm updating it daily as I receive more so please check back from time to time. There IS good information in there.

Also, when you go to my main page: you'll notice right in the middle, a button that says "Take Retailer Survey." Please go and take that survey. I'll share any findings with you but more importantly, I'll share the findings with manufacturers who should be able to use that information to help formulate a plan to help us all recover.

Best of luck during this very difficult time. It will be an effort, but we will get through this.


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