It's NOT a Dry Heat!

I love reading about history and culture. While I’m down in Florida I have spent some time on the Sunshine State’s Wiki page and it turns out; Florida has plenty of both!

The only major metropolitan city in the United States founded by a woman is Miami, Florida; which was founded by Julia Tuttle in 1875.

Florida is also home to the oldest city in the United States: Saint Augustine! First settled in 1585 when the Spanish explorer Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles landed on what is now Florida’s eastern coast. Saint Augustine still shows off its Spanish heritage in its architecture and expansive array of red clay roofs.

And of course, there’s Disney!

With all the history, culture (and entertainment) why is it that I can’t wait to get the hell out of here?

You’ve heard the expression, “It’s not the heat-it’s the humidity!”? That’s just a sales-pitch from the Florida Board of Tourism!

From June-September, it’s the heat AND the humidity! I didn’t bring enough underwear for this!

You may have noticed I skipped my blog on Thursday last week: I’ve been having trouble writing lately. Since I don’t like to accept responsibility for my foibles, I’ll blame that on my father, Billy.

With good reason!

Over the last three weeks, my father’s health crisis has been all-consuming. The constant din of paint-chatter which normally goes on in my head has been replaced with words of test results, estimates for recovery, calls to family and friends and of course, worry.

Without the calls to paint dealers which are a regular part of my daily life, I feel a little disconnected. Topics for blogs, which normally are in my head by the dozens, have been pushed out to make room for my new concerns. And it’s not just my father’s health which has us worried.

This has been hell on my mother.