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Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Slipping into the driver’s seat of a Porsche Macan for the first time you’re immediately struck by the SUV’s lack of front-seat amenities.

THE crest’s reputation earned more for engineering than passenger convenience!

Still, as my fiancéeic Gaetana and I settled into the front seats of a Macan rented for a road trip to Quebec, I was still piqued to be behind the wheel of a Porsche for the first time in more than a decade.

My exhilaration though was replaced with disappointment, before we had even exited Stamford’s geofence.

What Would Ferdinand Think?

At the key's first turn the SUV dishonored the badge, THE engine's sound while starting and at idle more akin to a sloth's lazy whisper than the beastly growl Porsche enthusiasts expect to hear when turning over a car with Ferdinand's name on the wheel.

They key's placement to the left of the steering column the only evidence of the Macan’s genetics.

The Macan lacks the horsepower, braking and handling which would have made it fun to drive, though it did prove to be a smooth and comfortable ride over the 1100-mile round-trip.

The kind of ride I'd have been happy with, had I rented an Volkswagen!

Jimmy Pulls

On my podcast last week I was joined by recently retired Benjamin Moore executive Jim S Gorman.

Owing partially to his charms and partially to his history with THE company, I suspected that the Jimmy episode might become popular amongst the Benjamin Moore crowd.

I know my audience !

And while I never got a text from #Dan asking “What’d he say about me?” I did hear from more of you than I have for any episode since the Kelly-Moore announcement.

Making me wonder if it’s time to add another character to THE story we share here.

Sherwin-Williams announced their earnings last week, THE event giving chief executive John Morikis the opportunity to explain why for two consecutive quarters the company he leads, has failed to meet his own projections?

Which he chose not to do.

What Morikis did do was lower his forecasts for 2023, sharing with the assembled press that Sherwin-Williams anticipates a “meaningful drop” in demand for their coatings during the second half of 2023.

Despite that forecasted “meaningful drop” Morikis inexplicably added that he expects Sherwin-Williams market share in the critical rezi-repaint segment to grow mid-single digits in 2023. As he claimed the company has done for seven consecutive years.

Another forecast which strikes me as unlikely to be met; and a statement I believe to be false.

Prepare for Impact?

It’s fair to wonder if a “meaningful drop” in volume at Sherwin-Williams will impact THE independent channel. What happens at the nation's largest paint maker must portend the outlook for the greater coatings markets, no?

But driving much of Sherwin's forecasts of doom are significant declines in the new construction and European markets.

Which to dealers are but a trifle.


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