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It’s Complicated!

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

When you introduce someone as your fiancée, you should be prepared for the obvious question: “When are you two getting married?”

It’s complicated!

Which is why when I have the need to introduce my fiancée Gaetana to someone new, I often introduce her as my girlfriend. Or wife.

Which seems to avoid further questioning!

I’m not trying to keep any secrets. But did the person asking “when are you two love-birds getting married?” really want the manifesto of our views on marriage, when you meet after the kids are grown?

Or my opinions on social security and the tax codes?

Not likely.

More likely, is that they were just making polite conversation and my small lie, saved them from the boring details.

And so, like thousands before me, I lie about my relationship status!

Because, I’m engaged to be married to a woman I’m likely never going to marry. So, it’s complicated.

Still though, the lying bothers me. As does the verbal inaccuracy. So I’ve been looking to solve that problem.

It’s Complicated

“It’s complicated” does the trick. It’s direct and to the point. And not all that complicated.

And, it has a recognized meaning! When you want to send the message that there’s more to the story, but it’s just not worth telling; Then, “it’s complicated.”

But I didn’t want to use to term so often as to be accused of being overly dramatic. So, I’ve got a solution!

And it’s not that complicated.

Going forward, if you see an “ic,” short for “it’s complicated”, at the end of any word, it’s means there’s more to that story.

But it’s not worth telling.

As I tap this out to you, Guy and I are on a flight to Austin, Texas to visit my 23-year old daughter Buck Wheat and her new “boyfriendic,” Philip.

This will be the first time I’m getting to meet THE Buck’s “and-one.” I know she’s nervous about the introduction because my mother texted me earlier this week and reminded me to “behave!”

Buck, who called my mother and asked her to remind me to behave, felt she had reasons to be concerned. She had heard the story of my father wearing a tuxedo to meet my college girlfriend for the first time. Thankfully, my mother saved that day and made him change his clothes.

After two-days in Austin with Buck and her posse, my “fianeeic” and I head to THE Texas hill country for our second attempt at a stay at the 350-acre Blisswood Ranch.

We were planning our starting our last Texas vacation at Blisswood. A vacation cancelled by Covid, which lead to me driving home from Texas, stopping at independent paint dealers along the way!

On the ranch we’ll be horseback riding, drone flying, hiking, doing archery and of course, going to the shooting range.

Because if you didn’t shoot a gun, were you even in Texas?

After our four-days of cowboy living, Guy and I head back to Austin for three more days with the Buck and the bbq.

And I’m sure the new “boyfriendic!”

If he’s still in the picture! At around 30-days, my daughter’s new cowboy has already set the record for hanging on to THE Buck! Four days is a lot, when you’re already on borrowed time.

Which he is, I’m sure.

Because with Buck, it’s always complicated!


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