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Lowes Knows (Your) Pros!

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

If you tuned into college football last weekend you may be aware that THE Ohio State Buckeyes beat the Penn State Nittany Lions 20-12. Only a meaningless touchdown scored when THE outcome was no-longer in doubt allowed Penn State to make the final score appear respectable.

Though the illusion was not enough to keep the Nittany Lions in the college football playoff picture!

Ohio State’s defense stifled Penn State, who came into the matchup ranked seventh in the nation and averaging more than 40 points per game.

But the Buckeyes defending their home field gave Penn State no quarter, granting their opponents just one first down in their 16 third-down tries. THE performance prompting Ohio State head coach Ryan Day to call his defense “Championship Level” at the post-game presser.

Though it'll be November 25th before Buckeye fans learn if he’s right!

What you also might know were you watching on Saturday is that the nation’s second largest home improvement retailer Lowes, delivers paint directly to jobsites.

Same-day for professional painters!

Switch to another game during college football’s prime time and you might have noticed that Lowes is not the only retailer coveting the college football demographic. The nation’s third largest home-improvement retailer Menard’s also rolled out commercials for paint, though though their messaging was more targeted to the DIY consumers.

But while the companies are vying for different consumers, they were both saying the same thing: Just because you need paint, doesn’t mean you need a paint store!

THE trend should be concerning for traditional “paint and decorating” retailers who remain under-represented online. At a time when online sales continue to experience mid double-digit growth; far more robust than the brick-and-mortar economy!

That trend portends a significant risk of market share loss over the next decade for traditional P & D retailers who don't market and sell online.

There was a time I believed I had the solution to the lack of paint and decorating retailers online, though it turned out I was wrong.

But that doesn’t mean THE problem went away!

I’m Not Scared!

For the first time in more than 30-years as a consultant the demand for my services exceeds my supply of billable hours. That affect caused more by my commitment to semi-retirement than any rabid demand for my services.

Though not completely.

Whatever the cause, it seems likely that my consulting schedule for next year will be set before this year ends. A first which leaves me taking more time than usual to agree to engagements.

My fiancéeic Gaetana tells me it’s fear of commitment which explains my current anxieties; her status as my forever-unintended only amplifying her point!

But a year does seem like a long time.


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