Mister October!

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

The strikeout is baseball's emblem to futility.

Whether by "swing and a miss" or by watching the ball cross home plate to the umpire‘s shout of "strike three!" THE strikeout is the team sport's measurement, of an individual's failure.

After a strikeout all action stops while the batter, alone in their failure and sullen, walks back to the dugout. Each pace, taken while fans express their opinion of the batter's recent performance.

Mister Futility

In the history of Major League Baseball no batter has made the lonely post-strikeout walk to the dugout more than Reggie Jackson.

Of the 11,418 plate appearances Reggie Jackson made during his 21-year career with the Oakland A’s, Baltimore Orioles, New York Yankees or California Angels between 1967-1987, the free-swinging left-hander struck out 2,597 times. A strikeout rate of 23%.

Nearly double the average in Major League Baseball during that time!

A baseball fan might say that Reggie, “Always took a good rip.” The slugger known for a swing so powerful that missing left Reggie contorted and spun 180-degrees from where he had begun.

Reggie knew that it was his powerful swing which when he made contact, propelled the towering home runs he was also known for.

So he never let a strikeout cost him his confidence!

During an interview with Sports Magazine in 1976 after Reggie signed a five-year, $3.5 million contract to play right field for the New York Yankees (the biggest contract in baseball history at that time), Reggie was asked what his role would be on a team which had made it to the World Series just the previous year?

The strikeout king not known for humility replied, “I’m the straw w