Named in Tribute?

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

On the 52 square miles of earth which my current hometown of Stamford, Connecticut encumber, there are 962 public roads.

At least one road, street, place, drive or lane for each letter of the alphabet sans-x. The “City that Works’ using street-naming opportunities to pay tribute as they see fit.

When the apple orchards of North Stamford were replaced with single-family homes, the apple trees were replaced with roads named in tribute: Apple Tree, Apple Valley, Applebee, Crabapple and Winesap.

Stamford is also home to Frisbie Street, in honor of local resident William Frisbie.

In 1871, Frisbie was a baker and the owner of the Frisbie Pie Company in nearby Bridgeport, Connecticut. When students from a local college began playing catch with their empty pie tins, screaming “FRISBIE!” with each release of the disc, they had no idea the sensation they began. The Frisbee, not patented or manufactured by the Wham-o company until 1957, would go on to sell over 300,000,000 units!

The spelling change a typo they never bothered correcting.

And of course there’s the presidents. Stamford, like many other cities and towns around the country, shows honor with Washington (1st), Van Buren (8th), Grant (18th), Coolidge (30th), Hoover (31st), Kennedy (35th) and Carter (39th) all having a street named for them in Connecticut's third largest city.

Maybe the people at the Stamford's Highway Division knows something I don’t know?

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