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Paint Can Wait

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

It’s said that when Cleopatra was called to meet Mark Anthony in 41 BCE, the Egyptian queen traveled to meet the Roman general on a barge.

Made of gold!

Sailing the Mediterranean north, the barge unfurled its purple sails as the wind allowed. The boat’s oarsman propelling the craft with oars of silver, when THE queen was unable to command the wind.

Attendants dressed as Cupid fanned Cleopatra as she made the overland portion of her journey from her palace in Alexandria, Egypt to the infamous pair’s meeting in Tarsus, in present day Turkey.

Few beyond the sound of the horn’s blare would ever know of the queen’s arrival.

How Does a Princess Travel?

When I picked up my 23-year-old daughter Buck Wheat at JFK last night, much to the child’s disappointment, there was far less fanfare than Cleopatra received.

But at-least paint dealers throughout the land got news of her arrival!

In my blog last week I shared my view that Benjamin Moore would need a fast-plan if they expect to be able to retain new customers which shortages at Sherwin-Williams are currently bringing them.

And that dealer network capacity to tint and deliver that increased volume should be part of any plan the manufacturer intends.

While I didn’t hear from Dan on THE blog, I did hear from a lot of you!

A few share their opinion that I only write about Dan to take advantage of THE #DanEffect: that dependable increase in readership which comes when I write about Benjamin Moore CEO, Dan Calkins.

Had I been demure on that topic?

While I always appreciate the bump in readership #DanBrings, it was the topic which made last week’s blog my most responded to in months.

Retaining the Sherwin-Williams professional painters currently shopping in their stores when the paint maker begins manufacturing ProMar again, is front-and-center in the minds of independent paint dealers.

So, expect to hear more on the topic.

But for now, the only thing on my mind is the wedding of my nephew Andrew and his bride-to-be Erica.

The only member of the family to ever leave Tremont Paint’s employ, Andrew is known for making good choices. In careers and women!

Asked by the couple to minister the event, my attention is far from paint as I sit to write this for you. My thoughts more focused on helping my nephew kiss his bride!

Having spent the last two-weeks working with the lovebirds to make the ceremony exactly as they want, it's time to deliver the young couple to the state of matrimony.

Meaning paint, will have to wait until next week!


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