A Chain and its Weakest Links

It’s hard not to notice what the paint business has done to my countenance!

A fully-receded hairline and wrinkled forehead the most visible sign of a three-decades career in paint.

But while the gallons sold have taken their toll on my visage, my vanity has remained intact. Protected, by the fact that most people I know are also in the paint business.

Meaning I still look good, at-least by comparison!

In my blog on September 5th, I shared a picture of Benjamin Moore’s New York sales team, circa 1992. One of the young faces in the now-nearly 30-year-old picture was that of George Brennert, a recent-hire at the time the shutter captured the moment.

George would spend much of the next decade as my Benjamin Moore architectural and industrial coatings representative.

And trusted friend.

When a recent trip to help a paint dealer in Columbia, Tennessee brought me within an hour of George’s current home, I made plans to meet another geek of paint for lunch.

My excitement to see my old friend diminished, and my insecurities heightened when at lunch I realized that I was not the best-preserved paint-geek in the room.

Good for George I guess, for keeping his hair and his youthful expressions through over 30-years in the paint business.

But the next time I have lunch with a aging paint-man it’ll be Dan Calkins!