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Search Engine Optimization

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

It seems that with each mention of Benjamin Moore CEO Dan Calkins, my readership goes up.

To me, Dan is more than just a good luck charm; #Dan is seo! Search engine optimization, for bloggers looking to attract attention from the continent’s independent paint dealers.

After #DanTHEman mentions in my blogs of the eighth and fifteenth of this month, Benjamin Moore employees accounted for over 25% of the views on my LinkedIn profile.

#DanDelivers! And he’s not the first!

In the Beginning

Among my earliest memories of my family's relationships with the employees of Benjamin Moore was my father's affection for Murray Harris, Tremont Paint’s sales rep during much of the 1970s.

At a time when policy or tradition at Benjamin Moore had all their reps and managers in blue suits, white shirts and red ties, Murray wore a sport coat and a sweater.

Earning him my father's affection!

That's Murray with the Coke-bottle glasses.

The picture (circa 1992) represents over 70-years of my family’s 112-year relationship with those who wore the pin, signifying employment with Benjamin Moore.

More than half the picture’s 20+ faces walked through the doors of Tremont Paint representing the New Jersey paint maker in some capacity. Six of them signed the guest book at a Lipton bar mitzvah or wedding.

Two of them mourned with the family at a funeral.

To Murray’s right, the smiling face stretching to make the shot is that of current janovic CEO Rich Gaudino. A long-time Benjamin Moore employee. It was Rich who would help me end my family’s 112-year run as paint dealers when he purchasedic Tremont Paint from me in October of 2019.

Looking as handsome and fit at the closing as he did when in this 30-year old picture.

Let‘s see how much of that hair he’s got left after this is cleaned up!

I owe a lot to the young faces in that picture. And to the hundreds of Benjamin Moore employees who helped my family on our journey through paint’s history. In my stores, on the job site and in the offices of painters around THE Bronx.

And now, online! Our connection adding to the already 114-year and counting, connection between the Lipton’s and the family of Benjamin Moore employees.

I hope it doesn’t #MakeDanJealous!


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