Dan's Been Reading!

Updated: Jan 11

“Can I take the Jeep?”

The daily request coming from my daughter Buck Wheat. Home for the summer with nothing to drive except her own car. A free to use (for her at least!) Subaru. The last remaining connection to my pre-pandemic employment with Benjamin Moore: 15-months left on a lease on a Subaru WRX I lease for the commute to Montvale. But that car has a roof.

And I’m told “no vibe!”

Preferring to keep the Jeep’s rush of fresh air and sunshine to myself during the summer, which I’m told is selfish of me, I thought a few rules governing use of my topless joyride would make for less whining for Padj to listen to.

Making rules for a 23-year-old who complains of boredom halfway through most Tik Tok’s I knew had to keep it short! Just two rules to establish THE Jeep’s provenance for the summer.

1. “Dibs” on THE Jeep goes to the first person to pay the rent each month.

2. If I ever agree to let you drive my Jeep, when the fuel gauge gets to half, stop for gas.

When summer’s sun made obeying rule # 1 too burdensome for the itinerant Buck, I changed gears. With the Jeep spending most days helping Buck Wheat work her tan, I focused my energies on rule # 2.

Figuring that if the Buck ever brough my Jeep back in time for an evening drive to one of Stamford’s beaches, at least I wouldn‘t have to stop for gas to make the four-mile round trip!

Giving Buck my credit card, I implored the child to “please, don’t leave me on empty?”