Sorry, This Got So Long!

Please accept my apologies but I'm aware that many did not get their notification about this blog post. If you got it yesterday, then sorry to bother you again. If you didn't, this is my blog from yesterday.


Fall weekends in Columbus are a family favorite. Family, friends, football and the opportunity to load up on MORE Buckeye swag!

It’s like Halloween for adults! Only no candy, I'm on Keto!

Those that read the lines of this blog regularly know that I’ve added a lot to my plate over the last 10 months. Those that read between these lines also know; something had to give.

Something has!

As you read this, I’m in the final stages of selling my two stores; Tremont Paint Supply. Soon, for the first time in over 112 years, there will be no Lipton selling paint in the Bronx.

This is not news to ME of course.... I’ve been working on this plan for months. Still though as I write this, I find myself lingering a bit, staring at the words to give the tears time to form.

I struggle to describe the emotions of getting out of a business that has supported every Lipton since the Kaiser ruled Germany!

A journey which began in 1907 when my great-grandmother Esther earned her first profits from paint, 13 years before she had earned the right to vote, has come to an end.

This has been an emotional process for me. Tremont Paint is a powerful force in my and my family's history. None-the-less, I led myself here and am thrilled with the outcome I am about to share.

The blogging and podcasting were not part of the original plan!