Stuie! It's Like Madonna!

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Some people are so iconic that they only need one name. Like Madonna, Sting or Bono!

And Stuie! Just, Stuie!

There are few men in this world that I love more than Stuie! For starters, I love all the people who knew me when I had hair.

They bear witness!

But anyone who has been around that long is more than just an interloper. Stuie is my paint-soulmate! My perfect match!

Stuie is a man with a plan: always! In 1996, we went to Atlanta to support the Yankees in their World Series quest (check out the chubby-me below). We didn't have tickets and this was decades before StubHub! But we had Stuie and he had a plan!

I wasn't confident. Stuie's plan started with meeting a guy named "Fat Jerry"; in a parking lot somewhere in downtown Atlanta. You're always lifting up some rope or moving around some barrier when you're with Stuie.

Eventually though, you almost always get in.


Stuie still owes me a night in the audience at SNL which he promised me in 1994 or so. I give him credit though, he got us right to the backstage door before we got turned away!

"But I know a guy!"

At around the time of that picture below, Stuie was bragging about the vast riches he was making buying and selling boxes of baseball cards. Stuie often brags about his "side hustles": baseball cards, horses, Beanie Babies! He’d often ask me to “invest” with him and I always declined. I never believed a piece of cardboard which could legally be printed in unlimited quantities could ever be worth anything.