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Updated: Jan 11

I have often joked that, “if you have my home address, it’s because I want you to send me a gift!”

But no one ever got the joke!


In the 17-years between their founding in 1906 and their acquisition of Babe Ruth in 1923 through a trade with the Red Sox, the Yankees were consistent.

In a way which fans of the New York Mets would understand!

For seven of those years the team played as the New York Highlanders, only adopting the name Yankees in 1913.

Needing a bigger stadium to monetize THE Babe going viral, the Yankees purchased a 10-acre patch of dirt from the estate of William Waldorf Aster. The land, along the eastern bank of New York’s East River, which the Yankees would make hallow with their 27 World Series Championships.

Fans of the Yankees know the spot.

Much of the baseball history I just dropped on you comes from a book I recently acquired about the New York Yankees.

The book tells the story of the New York Yankees franchise from their founding in 1903 to the present day. At over 500-pages, it leaves no story untold.