To The Bronx, With Love!

The Bronx, New York, is my hometown and was the only location of Tremont Paint; my family’s four-generations independent paint dealership.

As a processional, The Lipton family spent 112-years selling paint in New York’s most densely populated borough; the 42-square miles the Bronx, only 31 square miles of which are developed, holds 1,400,000 New Yorkers.

The Bronx knows success beyond paint stores and baseball champions. The Bronx is the birthplace of some of celebrity’s most glamorous names such as Ralph Lauren and Jennifer Lopez!

“Jenny from the block’s” childhood home on Blackrock Avenue was just 1.6 miles from my Tremont Avenue store!

And it’s for sale! Maybe, the New York dealer I sold my two Bronx stores to, will make a sale when the new owners move in?

Considering my Bronx “pedigree,” it may come as no surprise that I have an outsized following in the New York borough which contains America’s poorest congressional district. Between the friends, former co-workers, dealers and reps I left behind when I sold Tremont Paint in 2019, it’s not unusual for me to get frequent notifications stating that my blog has a “new visitor from The Bronx.”

(Author’s note: I have a friend who tells me that I shouldn’t curse when I write my blog. He’s not one of these three.)

Last week it’s possible, that New York Yankee manager Aaron Boone read my blog while having his morning coffee! And then shared it with the team at their 5:45 PM pre-game meeting.

I have some data!

Anyway, whether Aaron is a morning, afternoon or evening reader I'm glad he was following along. And that he took my words to heart!

Since I published this blog on Thursday, Boone's Yankees have won five of their six games!

The only evidence I have that this didn’t happen is that he’s failed to mention my name at any of the post-game pressers.

But that’s pretty thin, don’t you think?

Show Me THE Money

Most paint dealers I am speaking with these days are telling a similar story to the one Aaron Boone was sharing at his dinner table this week: A return to good fortune!

Demand for paint and décor remains strong among the independents I speak to nationwide. With some regions of the country experiencing growth which would be impossible, during normal economic times.

Americans, stuck in their homes during a 14-month (and counting) pandemic continue to look for ways to update their surroundings. Paint and décor offer an excellent, low-cost choice for homeowners looking to make some upgrades. Particularly among those looking to "Do-it!" themselves.

THE Flip Side

Despite the high revenues and stable demand which is likely to last several quarters, not all is going well for dealers.