THE Loquacious Buck!

It’s thought that by age 20, the average English speaker recognizes 42,000 words.

In the case of my 23-years-old daughter Buck Wheat, it’s 41,999.

Last night during the first hour of a marathon Facetime session, Buck was sharing the details of her New Year’s Eve. At least the details she is willing to share. Joining her crew of five for the night was a co-worker who up until that night, Buck had not gotten to know well.

“Did you get to know her at all?” I asked.

“Yeah!” She responded.

“Her father is a pasture!”

For a moment, I contemplated a joke. Maybe, “How many acres IS Jennifer’s father?” But it occurred to me that that might only add to the confusion. I moved on, hoping at least that the girl’s father was a pastor.

But with Buck, you’re never really sure.

Later in our marathon, the loquacious Buck shared that she’s going on an eight-day cleanse. She wants to “rid her body of unwanted toxins,” which is a sentence I knew she read, rather than created. When she told me what she was preparing to eat that night, as a side dish for her ribeye, it left me wondering if Buck knows what the word cleanse means?

Maybe it’s 41,998?

A significant department in many independent paint stores are decorative finishes. And why not? Decorative finishes are “high-touch” making them a nice fit for dealers, who prefer to offer consumers a higher-end shopping experience.

Specialty finishes, niche products were also a great place to raise my margins. Products which by their nature sell fewer gallons than broad-wall finishes are shopped for less frequently, making their prices less known.

Over the course of my time behind the counter, I rarely resisted a paint product