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THE Paint Geeks!

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

By September 5th, 1989 the New York Yankees were sufficiently removed from playoff contention that THE team chose to use the season’s remaining games to audition the organizations youngest players.

A circumstance the Yankees find themselves in again in 2023!

Amongst the minor leaguers to have a cup of coffee in the majors that year was a 22-year-old outfielder, by September 5th just weeks removed from his major league debut.

His name penciled into the final spot in the Yankee batting order that evening, the young left fielder went three-for-five hitting with two doubles a home run, while batting in four runs and scoring another two.

The young man's effort propelling the Yankees to a 12-2 win over the Seattle Mariners.

The game, should have otherwise been lost to history. The Yankees went on to finish the season in fifth place more than 14-games behind the division-winning Toronto Blue jays and by that weekend the hot-hitting Yankee was on a new team.

In a different sport!

Swapping his spikes for cleats, Deion Sanders began his football career in Atlanta that Sunday. His inability to practice due to his Yankee tenure limiting "Prime Time" to special teams. His contribution? A 68-yard punt return for a touchdown!

The feat making now Coach Prime, the only person in history to hit a major league home run and score a touchdown in the NFL in the same week!

It’s Prime Time

A veteran of 14 NFL seasons, Deion Sanders was selected as an All-Pro nine times during his career; his 53 career interceptions and 22 touchdowns enough credentials to earn Sanders a spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

As Coach Prime the legend of Sanders continues to wax; just two weeks into the college football season Prime’s Colorado Buffaloes have doubled last year’s full-season win total. The media frenzy surrounding Sanders thrusting THE college football coach into the national spotlight.

But I remember when.

THE Paint Geeks

On my podcast this week I showcased a new format, one I hope both scratches our paint itches; while also reducing the time I have to spend signing guests.

Most of whom decline THE invitation!

Episodes of THE Paint Geeks will be a collage of conversations between me and my co-host, Steve Rice.

And anyone else who cares to join us. But at-least I’ve got Steve, so I can keep talking. Which seems to be THE point of all this anyway.

THE format allows us to get into the business of being a paint dealer: diversification, building your brand online and delivery terms all dealers should offer are all conversations we'll have in coming episodes.

Intermixed with the paint will be baseball, music and family. Like the one about THE former Buck Wheat’s attempt to abscond with my car over a holiday weekend.

And what it cost me to stop her!

You can listen to THE episode on my site or on Soundcloud, Apple, Amazon and Spotify or watch it on YouTube or on my own site.


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