Title Transferred Quickly

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

“Your car needs four new tires’ came the text message from my 23-year-old daughter Buck Wheat.

The girl an expert at selecting pronouns.

When the pandemic and subsequent Montvale Massacre ended my employment with Benjamin Moore, THE zippy Subaru WRX I had leased to handle my daily commute from Stamford to Paragon Drive became superfluous, the same day I did.

Noticing the automobile surplus the opportunistic Buck asked if she could make the “Soobs” her own?

“Until the end of the lease?”

Always grateful when Fortune provides an opportunity to buy my daughter’s love, I consented to the transfer of possession.

Responsibility for maintenance, apparently stayed in Stamford with the car’s title.

“It didn’t need tires when I gave it to you!” was a good point! But ultimately not compelling enough to cause my progeny to take responsibility for her car’s upkeep.

Down a few dollars but happy for the time to catch up with the always sprinting Buck Wheat, she spent the hour waiting for her car to be completed, updating her father on the tales of the overworked.

“Sometimes as many as FIVE days a week!”

And of course the stories which help a father understand why his daughter had no money to replace the tires on her car.

Training Day

With labor shortages continuing to make filling the schedule a challenge for independent paint dealers, most independents I know are looking for efficiencies. A way to handle their growing volume, without the frustrations and expense of hiring during a labor shortage.

Thinking of your store’s total staffing spend in terms of staffing-hours purchased. A staffing-hour defined as the number of hours each employee works in a period of time multiplied by the number of employees. A dealer with five 40-hour per week employees emplo