Welcome To The Family

My fiancée left me on Saturday!

Before I start getting letters from the countless women out there who can’t resist a balding and ageing paint-geek, I should mention that she’ll be back soon! She left me to join her extended family on a five-day cruise.

As she was about to leave we had our big “goodbye” moment. Girls are the dramatic gender so I knew that a high-five and “see you in a week” was not going to cut it.

Reflective of the weight of the moment, I put my cigar down!

Hugging me, she asked: “Are you going to make the bed while I’m gone?”

Caught off-guard by the housekeeping question, I did what eons of evolution has taught men to do when faced with an inquisitive woman: I lied!

But the guilt of that lie is wracking me so I’ve been making the bed.

I hate it when she outsmarts me!

Boats are REALLY not my thing though and so I stayed home. It’s a shame because it would have been a great opportunity to get to know better some people who are important in my life.

I have been thinking a lot lately about getting to know new people in my life.

Last week, Benjamin Moore announced their new distribution agreement with Ace. Since that announcement, I have spoken to dozens of dealers and heard from 100+ more, via email and the assorted sites I use to post these blogs. Of course there were some dealers upset by this news: I would have been surprised if there weren’t! But generally speaking, I find Benjamin Moore dealers overwhelmingly in support of this agreement.

As I shared in my last post, I fall with the majority on this one: I agree that this was a good decision for both Benjamin Moo