"You May All Go to Hell! And I Will Go to Texas!"

That's what Davey Crockett is reported to have said to a crowd of voters in Tennessee after he found out that he had lost his bid to be re-elected to congress in 1835.

I wonder how long he had to wait for the results of THAT election?

My fiancée Guy and I fell in love with Texas as a vacation spot in 2015. On a sunburst September weekend in Dallas, we took in a Sunday night Cowboy game at AT&T Field and a Texas Ranger’s baseball game the very next day.

And of course, I rented some steel for the weekend! Based on the smile, at the time that this picture was taken I was feeling pretty great about my choice of wheels (and travel companion)!

But that feeling didn't last long.

Pulling into the Ferrari, Porsche, Rolls and Lambo-filled parking lot of Pappas Brothers Steakhouse in Dallas, it became instantly clear that there were nicer places to rent a car in Dallas than Enterprise at the airport!

They were all compensating for something, I quickly convinced myself as I pulled up to the valet. He opened the door for Guy and she got out. Coming around to my side of the car, he tipped me $5 and pointed to a spot in a lot across the street!

I don't blame him! I didn't want to drive it anymore either!

Our nights in Dallas were for football, baseball and steaks. Days as is usual for us,were spent visiting museums and memorials to former presidents of the United States. At the George “W” Bush presidential library they let special guests take a picture at the (replica) Resolute desk in an (obviously) replica Oval Office. They defined "special" as any guest willing to pay the $20!