A Hallmark Moment

At an Allpro membership meeting and fall show in New Orleans, in November of 2018, I was impressed with the myriad ways street-barkers of the French Quarter had, to separate Guy from her money.

On the streets of New Orleans, for the price of an espresso and a bag of beignets, Guy was able to re-live her dreams of being a pirate!

After a quick promotion, from being my queen to being THE queen, a dog removed its sunglasses. In honor of Her Majesty's reign!

A dog who can remove its sunglasses is a street-barker tour de force!

I did not expect anyone else would earn Guy’s patronage after that performance.

And I was almost right!

Like a fish to the lure, Guy spied another crowd swelling on a closely corner. We walked over to take a look and found a man sitting at a makeshift desk tapping at the keys of an old-school manual typewriter, writing poetry. Tell him your subject (and make a small donation) and in a New Orleans-Minute, you had a custom sonnet!

Guy reached for her wallet!

But before she could hand over her cash I asked, “What’s the trick here?”

Walking Guy away from the crowd (YES! This dude had a crowd!) I reminded her that she was engaged to be married to a writer and she should save her money.

"You can't write poetry on demand!"

Before she was willing to walk away from her chance to meet and act as muse for the poet laureate of N’awlins, she gave me two topics to test my skills on. I grabbed my phone and tapped out a few poems; satisfying my fiancee that she wouldn't have to come back to New Orleans to inspire poetry,

Last night for reasons known only to Guy and the voices in her head, she reminded me of that story and asked if I could “write Hallmark cards” too?

For paint dealers!