The Badge of Courage!

I’ve got a problem with rules and authority. It’s not really a problem for me, it’s more a problem for the people who make rules and want to have authority over my actions.

My fiancée Guy is in Washington, DC with her sister for the weekend. They went to a concert and while I always miss her when we are not together, I didn’t want to have to watch the Buckeye game on the train (10-0, GO BUCKS!) so I didn’t go. In other words: I didn’t get invited!

Guy is one of the rule-makers in my life and so with her gone for the night, I got to do with her rules what I like to do with all rules: ignore them!

I had them all to choose from: I could have failed to make the bed; I could have made breakfast without cleaning the stove immediately after use or I even could have left my clothes on the floor after I got into bed.

All good choices! In-fact, if Guy’s rules were constitutional amendments (they’re close in her view) then cleaning the stove immediately after use would be like Freedom of Speech: it’s NOT up for debate!

But I chose smoking in bed and leaving the toilet seat up. Far more liberating than leaving the stove with a few spots of grease! I feel like I chose wisely but of course I’ll reserve final judgment for after she gets home.

Nothing hits the fan until that happens.

We all know what the “nothing” in the sentence above refers to. But I struggle with multi-tasking: I can’t blog and curse at the same time!

Anyway, I doubt Guy will be all that upset (or surprised) that I broke a few rules: she knows even better than anyone that I am not much for rules. Besides, it’s the third rule I broke that would blow her up like Mount Vesuvius and THAT one I’m keeping a secret; even from you! It would get “awks” as my daughter would say, if I shared EVERYTHING!

My first week of work in my new job as the “Strategic Counselor” at Benjamin Moore are behind me. I’ve put my title in quotes because I find it funny. I didn’t ask for a title (it showed up in an email about a month after I was hired) and I don’t really feel like the one I was given fits me all that well. There’s probably a room in Montvale someone where they just make titles for people. I think it’s the same person who does all the color names: “Who wants to be Director of “Whispy Clouds?” Anyway, after so many years of being on my own….I don’t see the point of titles. I asked for: Mark Lipton-The Guy Does Stuff Around Here,” but I guess that was taken.