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Formerly Buck

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

My 25-year-old daughter Miranda returned to the Nutmeg state recently after a five-month-trek across Mexico. The occurrence of children in the home blissfully disturbing the peace in an otherwise empty nest.

THE paint-progeny arrived bearing the stresses of her journey, most notably a pinched nerve which keeps the kid hanging around.

The months on-the-road evolved the former Buck Wheat from a dependent child into a (nearly) independent young adult. One as likely to go food shopping and prepare the family dinner as she would be to ask dad what he's making.

Though some things, never change!

The Only Thing Missing is You

Once someone agrees to be my guest on my podcast it takes less than two-hours to create, prep, recording and produce the episode. That creative process as enjoyable as any time I spend at the keyboard or behind the drone's lens.

But the effort required to sign enough guests to publish THE show regularly, makes podcasting a frustrating task.

THE outreach generally resulting in a rejection rate high enough to make a diva demure.

But the problem is not me, it's you!

Most podcasters I speak with share a similar experience; a rejection rate which reaches stratospheric. The medium having become so out-of-favor that there are now web sites to coach people on how to reject a podcast invitation.

Though the people I reach out to don’t seem to need additional coaching.

Play Ball!

Thursday marked the opening day of the Major League baseball season; THE New York Yankees beginning the 162-game campaign with an afternoon game in the Bronx. An occasion I celebrated by recording two podcast episodes–while wearing the uniform of two of the Bronx’s most iconic institutions.

With two more episodes scheduled to record this week I’m rebuilding my inventory with a plan to start releasing new episodes in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

Let’s Go Huskies!

Tonight the Huskies of UConn will compete for their fifth National Championship in men’s basketball. Like most Nutmeggers, I’ll be on the couch watching THE game.

But thanks to a woman who prefers a well-dressed man, I’ll be properly attired.

Let’s Go Huskies!


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