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Panda. Just Panda.

Like Plato, Socrates and Voltaire; Madonna, Cher and Adele are mononyms. Known to the world by a singular name.

THE ultimate celebrity!

For the bourgeois, identification requires more. It’s the surname Lipton, which distinguishes me from the nations 1,729,309, other Mark’s.

And while I’ve never traded digits with Confucius or Gandhi, there are four mononyms who have found their way into my contacts. Achieving a status so lofty in my life, it defies traditional naming conventions.

My mother of course, THE original mononym. A mother’s stature worthy of such towering renown.

And Then There Were Three

Recently, my daughter Miranda re-entered the mononymistic realm when she requested that Buck Wheat, the sobriquet of her college years at Ohio State, be retired.

An independent paint dealer in Columbia, Tennessee, attained mononym status when my fiancéeic Gaetana dubbed him Grasshopper for the frequency which he sought out wisdom from THE beard.

THE nickname a reference to the knowledge-seeking student of the 1970’s television show Kung Fu.

Grasshopper returning the favor with a steady flow of listening advice.

THE ripple effects of a waning supply chain crisis continue to course through the independent channel as paint and sundry suppliers jockey for market share in the only segment of the architectural coatings market which is still experiencing real growth.

THE independent channel.

Over the previous six-months Kelly-Moore and Sherwin-Williams, respectively the nation’s ninth and first largest paint manufacturers, announced significant changes in their distribution strategies for independents.

Kelly-Moore stepping into independent channel, while Sherwin-Williams held the door!

The channel’s hypersonic growth over the last three-years will likely attract more investment investment in the coming years as applicator, caulking, abrasive and other sundry manufacturers and distributors will want their piece of a robust independent channel!

Recently, True Value announced that it had acquired Agway Farm and Home Supply, the wholesale product distributor serving 600 independent Agway branded stores in the Northeast United States.

And while True Value doesn’t currently share much overlap with paint and decorating retailers, the acquisition of Agway is still newsworthy as it speaks to the changes in distribution which dealers can expect to continue.

You Missed One!

Recently, I’ve been spending more time working on my health. A diagnosis of high blood pressure getting me up off the couch, and onto keto.

The doctor's prescription to reduce my diastolic included daily activity. The walks each day allowing me to listen to more music than Grasshopper can review.

Hoping I didn't have to ask a polynym for a suggestion.


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