Hey! Hold That Door!

“You have to walk through the doors that open!”

I wish I could attribute that quote because I like it. The first time I heard it was from a guy standing behind me and Guy as we were waiting to get into a Yankee game. We were there early to see the monument and ceremony honoring Mariano Rivera’s induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

We are a big Yankee family if you didn’t already know that.

In the hour we all spent waiting in line together, a conversation broke out (not entirely unexpected with Guy around). He was traveling the east coast visiting ballparks with his parents; eight games in seven days. I’ve always wanted to do one of those trips but have always been afraid to admit to myself that I love baseball THAT much!

Anyway, this baseball nut (which until I take one of those trips I’m still free to call him) was telling us that he was in the middle of a career change. NOW I was paying attention: I’m doing a lot of thinking these days about that exact topic and was wondering if he was going to share any pearls of wisdom. After receiving his PhD in physical therapy he continued, he got a business opportunity that he felt was “once in a lifetime!.” Ten-years of education, wasted.

“You have to walk through the doors that open!”

I’m just finishing a great summer. It started with a trip to London in May with my family. I spent much of the rest of the summer writing and working on an inspection job that kept me in shorts, sneakers and a baseball cap all summer long.  I love getting paid dressed like that!

To my regular followers, that’s not news. I’ve been sharing a lot recently about the various projects I’m working on.

In the past few months, I spent significantly more time as a consultant, inspector, blogger and podcaster than I have as a paint dealer. Almost to the point of irresponsibility!  Things are fine at the stores despite my absence. At least I think they are! Or at the very least, I hope they are! Anyway, that’s what they answer when I text them!

It’s just that lately, I have come to enjoy the non-dealer aspects of my career quite a lot. I’ll admit that there’s some strange thrill that comes from writing something knowing it may get read 50,000 times! I think every blogger is part exhibitionist! I’m sure part of that is ego (mine is healthy I’m told)!  

In the times during this past summer when I was not charging a homeowners association for the right to have me sunbathe while walking around their property watching painters, I searched for more creative opportuniti