You Learn the Most From the Ass Kickings!

And that means this coronavirus is about to teach us all a LOT!

New York State is building four temporary hospitals in preparation for the wave of coronavirus illnesses that seems to be coming our way. One of those hospitals will be set up in the Westchester County Center in White Plains. When I was a kid growing up in the paint business, there used to be regional and even local trade shows for paint dealers. The ones around us were always held in the Weschester County Center.

As were many of the basketball games, concerts and community gatherings of my youth.

You may have read or heard recently about New Rochelle, New York? It's also in Westchester County. It was one of the virus' early hot spots. There is a quarantine around an entire neighborhood of New Rochelle which is entering its third week. They put a pin on a map and drew a one-mile radius circle. Inside the circle was locked down.

This tragedy will touch us all. It is no longer a faceless story from a far away town, for any of us.

The pin was put in on a spot near the Wykagyl Country Club. Wykagyl is stunning! A golf course and setting worthy of the decades of professional golf that have played on it. With stores and shops all around it, the area is a cool little hamlet in the middle of this city of 80,000.

Wallauer's, an independent paint and hardware retailer has two stores in New Rochelle. They're both opened; deemed essential by New York State law.

Growing up in Westchester, my mom was a big golf fan. She didn’t have a closet full of Nancy Lopez swag like I would have but still; a big fan! We often went to watch the professional women's tour play at Wykagyl. I remember as a kid, following mom's favorites around the course and getting autographs.

I know that neighborhood well, beyond just going there to see women’s golf in the 1970's. I sold paint in that part of the county for years! The abundance of well-maintained pre-war apartment buildings made it a target-rich environment for a paint salesman. While over that way, I used to stop at this terrific kosher deli in a tiny strip of stores. It was worth the hassle of trying to find a parking space in this almost-town, almost-city, corner of Westchester County, NY.

It hurts to watch this trauma unfold in our familiar places. The peaceful memories are now changed; overlaid with scenes from our current adversity.

I grew up in White Plains, New York, where the town motto was “All our friends live in New Rochelle!”