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It Must Have been a Good Bloodletting


On the third Monday in February each year the United States honors all 46 individuals who have served the country as its chief executive.

President’s Day one of 11-federal holidays which were created by acts of Congress.

The official title of the President’s Day federal holiday remains “Washington’s Birthday,” in honor of the nation’s first president George Washington.

THE father of our country remains the only person ever unanimously selected by the Electoral College.

Forty-six men have served as President of the United States with the nation's 32nd president Franklin Delano Roosevelt setting the record for the longest presidential tenure at 12-years and 39-days.

The country’s ninth president William Henry Harrison was the first to die in office. Harrison passed away just 31-days after his March 4, 1841 inauguration making Harrison, the record-holder for the shortest serving president.

Harrison was likely killed by malpractice when the presidential physician treated his pneumonia with a combination of castor oil, opium, laxatives and bloodletting.

More than half of all US presidents were lawyers, including Richard Nixon.

Ironic considering that Nixon was forced to resign from office on August 9, 1974 after Watergate exposed “Tricky Dick’s” shameful disregard for the law!

While Nixon remains the only president to voluntarily leave office before the expiration of their term, eight other presidents have failed to complete the four-years they were elected for. All eight leaving THE White House in a coffin!

Four of those eight presidential deaths caused by an assassin’s bullet.

....And a Little Paint

Last week’s episode of my podcast was with color technology expert Carl Minchew. Carl spent more than 40-years with Benjamin Moore maintaining the brand’s status as the industry’s color leader. Many of you wrote to say what a great job Carl did and that you enjoyed our conversation about where color technology will go in the digital age.

It’s hard not to be impressed by Carl and his knowledge of the topic. If you missed it you can watch it here on my YouTube channel. Or, if you’re tired of seeing me in my Yankee hoodie you can listen on Soundcloud, Apple or on my own site!

Back with paint next week!


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