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It's Vegan*

When Buck Wheat comes to town, you get more than just entertaining dinnertime conversation. You get the dinner!

Raised by parents who enjoy their time in the kitchen my daughter, the 23-year-old Buck Wheat, is handy with the pots and pans. While the Buck has been enjoying a few weeks of her father’s company and love, her father has been enjoying the Buck’s culinary stylings.

She's Vegan*. But its a good thing we're not lactose intolerant!

It turns out that to THE Buck vegan means putting as much cheese as you like on your otherwise-vegan burrito! As long as in your heart, you plan to eat vegan for your next meal!

A Site to Behold

While the Buck struggles with the differences between being vegan and just loving your veggies, I continue to put up web sites. Last week version two of THE Revolution, my web and e-commerce sites for independent paint dealers saw another site go live!

I first met third-generation owner Anne Dages while presenting a new paint-technology, MicroBlend, to AllPro members in the early 1990s. MicroBlend is the point-of-sale paint-making system which despite some success in parts of South America, has never achieved more than the irrelevance here in the northern hemisphere. Having consulted with the group, from building a business plan centered around their paint making technology through its introduction to the market, I count my five-years at MicroBlend as the longest consulting gig of my career.

The Dages site was originally slated to go live on version one. When pandemic-related delays turned into an economic boom and labor shortages, it made sense for all to push the site's launch back a few months and to start on version two.

It was from my experience working with Anne that I realized that if I wanted to sell web and e-commerce sites to hundreds of paint dealers, I was going to have to make the process a short one. Dealers have a lot of their plates and they don’t have the weeks of attention it takes to properly manage a web-site building process to a good outcome.

So the time it takes a dealer to install the full-featured web and e-commerce sites of THE Revolution will be measured in clicks, not weeks.

I’m looking forward to touring Anne’s three Louisville, Kentucky stores in May of 2022 when my fianceeicGaetana and I are in the area for the 148th running of THE Run for the Roses!

Getting an Education

I’ll spend the next week learning to use version two’s dealer dashboard. Version two’s custom-built platform has little in common with the version one sites, so I’ve got a lot to learn!

The size of the upgrade between versions one and two also meant I owed a call to the four remaining dealers of version one. THE Minutemen. They were promised an upgrade as soon as one was available and I’m excited to keep that promise.

I’m looking forward to sharing version two with them all for the first time this coming week. I want to brag to them about how much I learned building their version one sites. And repay them for their confidence and patience by installing my kick-ass new sites on their URL’s!

For dinner tonight I’m making smashburgers. With beef, bacon and cheese I know better than to call them vegan.

But that won’t stop me from making that joke at the table!

Forza Italia!


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