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A Good Dumpling

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Later this month members of the AllPro cooperative will assemble in Denver for their annual fall stockholders meeting and trade show; the second such gathering for THE group this year.

The shows give AllPro members an opportunity to purchase paint and sundries at discounted prices or with extended terms from the more than 100 vendors in attendance. The largest number in the group's history!

But for the group’s nearly 300 members, AllPro shows represent more than just buying opportunities! Many members I know go less for the discounts and more for the social and business networking opportunities.

Because the AllPro shows, represent the two largest gatherings of independent paint retailers in the United States each year!

It's a Wrap!

Earlier in the year an international manufacturer of paint applicators and sundries contacted me with a question: “What would North American independent paint retailers think of their products were they to be made available on the continent?

Not wanting to guess I suggested that a focus group of retailers would be well-suited to address their queries further offered to assemble THE group and emcee the event.

Which I’ll be doing tonight at 7 PM!

By the time a consulting engagement reaches this late-stage, the focus group is this project’s final deliverable, there’s generally little work left for me to do, and this gig seems no exception to that rule.

With the script written, edited and practiced my remaining tasks are to read the script to a Zoomful of of my besties—and hoping they show up!

THE former Buck Wheat showed up in Stamford this week, THE kid in need of a new iPhone and a home cooked meal.

Though prior commitments obligated her to settle for just one of the two.

“How about we go to the Apple store and then order Chinese?” my only daughter suggested adding “we can share some soup dumplings?”

My progeny referring to a family favorite from a local takeout.

When it came time to pay for the phone THE kid stood second in line behind her father. Likely for the first time since she acquired her previous iPhone!

But she cut back to the front of the line, when it was time to split THE dumplings!


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