Keep the Window Shades Closed!

Lying in bed the other night I asked my fiancée Gaetana, “Do you like my beard like this length?”

I had been growing it out for about three-weeks; it was time to ask the judge for a ruling!

“I don’t notice a difference….it looks the same as it always does,” she replied.

Despite being bald, I’m a pretty hairy guy so this was NOT the answer I was expecting. My beard had grown long enough that I often found myself playing with it and twirling the whiskers between my fingertips. How could she not notice the difference?

But it was late and I certainly understand that no one knows Mark like Mark! Maybe the subtle change was just a bit too subtle for anyone other than me to notice.

The next morning before I left for work, I was pulling in the trash cans in from the end of my driveway just as my neighbor Fred walked out of his house. We noticed each other right away and I gave him my standard “Hey Fred!” while I turned back towards my house to drag in the garbage cans.

In that moment, Fred could have said anything! “Hey Mark!” would have been a fine reply if he wasn’t in the mood to chat. “How’s the drone flying going Mark?” would have been timely and gotten him more than a smile and a wave. “Nice day out” is always polite.

Fred chose: “Hey Mark, you growing your beard long?”

HE WAS MORE THAN 30 FEET AWAY! Mental note: close the blinds at night….Fred sees well for a man his age!

But the ability to notice details from a distance is not a talent exclusive to Fred.

Customers who interact with your stores want to notice the details of the shopping experience you offer and like Fred: they want to do it from a distance! In-fact, they don’t even want to get up off the couch! Gone are the days when prospective customers looked in the yellow pages, saw that you were in their neighborhood and sell a brand that they are comfortable with and then came in to “look around.”

Today, consumers and prospective consumers want to get to know you before they will even walk into your stores.

More-and-more, paint-buying consumers start their buyi