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Change the Subject!

Updated: May 27, 2021

When your fiancéeic ends a sentence with, “Because I’m your wife!” it's wise to think twice before saying what’s on your mind.

So let’s talk about something else!

In 2012 Charles Day was a trustee serving on the Board of Education for the Katonah-Lewisboro School District.

Two-trustees to my right, with the side-part which his wife Amy should have spoken to him about before he showed up for picture day.

While Charles has been a reader of my blog since or time on the board, he’s no paint geek. An attorney, a former federal prosecutor and current Wall Street icon, what Charles knows about paint dealer life he learned on these pages.

And that apparently is not that much! Since he finds it a challenge to read past the jokes.

THE Revolution

Yesterday in a video conference which approached two-hours in length, I got my best look yet at version two of THE Revolution, THE web and e-commerce package I designed for independent paint dealers.

In version two, I focused on updating the site’s overall appearance as well as adding features which were not ready in time for the rush to get sites up for the original Minutemen.

Initial feedback from the original Revolution dealers was that they were looking for upgrades to their color displays.

Crucial because on the sites of THE Revolution, paint is sold "color first." Like in your stores!

With both color names and numbers prominently displayed on the front of the 1/3 larger color chip, I expect that version two will not disappoint.

While building version two, I also looked for opportunities to develop better site management features for owners.

Dealers wanted to be able to change text and pictures, featured products, delivery options and promotions themselves, rather than engaging a digital marketing agency for such simple tasks.

I still suggest that dealers who add an e-commerce site hire a qualified digital marketing firm to advertise the site and handle the SEO.

Yesterday I had (an actual face-to-face) breakfast with an old friend who own’s a store in New York. After an appropriate amount of whining, he agreed to push his proposed meeting time from 7:30 AM to 8:30.

What the hell is with paint dealers and getting up early?

That occupational hazard goes away after you sell your stores! It was the first alarm I’ve had to set in months.

THE Beard

By far the most enjoyable part of blogging for y’all, is hearing from readers! When dealers contact me their interests cover a wide range of topics; with some just looking to introduce themselves (please do!), some looking for advice (glad to help!) and some looking to express an opinion on something I’ve recently written about. Like this text from a dealer:

Comments about my the length of my beard lead the tally again this week but a close second was regarding the podcast with my friend Frank Cohen. I'm not surprised that Frank caught your attention. Dealers looking to sell more to the consumers already in their stores are finding success by adding decor. Decor sales generally reap profit margins well-beyond what dealers can gain selling paint.

You can watch Frank while he tells you how to do it, here on my YouTube channel. Or old-school-it in all the usual places: Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts or here on my own site.


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