Lip Balm Wars!

I remember my father’s lip balm from the late 1970’s.

The tubes shape familiar, with the thumb-screw on the bottom to raise and lower the balm.

Though the tube itself was made of tin.

Or steal or lead.

Who knows what the stuff we used in the 1970's was made of?

"Original" of course. A "flavor" selection I never respected. Original flavored Chap Stick; the brand of Suzy Chapstick!

And Bill Lipton.

This tube of original-flavor Chap Stick spent its life in the pocket of Billy’s brown “store” corduroys. Over the years, my father’s wedding ring and pocket change (side note: as retailers (the word fits in this sentence better than dealer, I admit) my family not only smelled of paint thinner but my father and grandfather jingled all the way.

And not just at Christmas!

Over the years I remember my father having this balm as a pocket item, his wedding ring and pocketful of coins typical of a 1970's paint retailer, abraded against the tube removing its painted label.

Billy spent his middle-years in a committed relationship with his "Original" lip balm, while I find variety is in-fact, the spice of life. The medley of tubes, tubs and sticks of wax, petroleum and fragrance is the allure. Guy, my four-year-fiancee is right: I have commitment issues!

Which requires I keep a large number of balms “in stock” at all times.

Here’s my bedroom stash!