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Live! From THE Nation's Capitol!

I shared with you all last week about “Robert.” In quotes for those who don’t recall, to obscure the identity of this person in my life who is a United States Capitol Police officer.

As the nation’s attention turns to Washington and the inauguration of our 46th President, all hearts pray for peace.

Which Robert will help bring us!

Feeling he was experiencing history from a unique perspective, I asked Robbie for permission to screenshot some of our conversation and share it with you. Conversations we had in the immediate aftermath of the riots in the nation’s Capitol which have shocked most.

I wait for each text from Robbie now. To confirm his safety. And to learn more about the history he is living.

And apparently you were hanging on every word as well!

It was hard not to notice the spike in readership. I’m thrilled you are all so interested in this fabulous story. With your permission as we lead up to and through the inauguration, I’ll mix in more about Robbie with the paint.

This picture above of a United State Capitol police-person is not Robbie. Though it could be! With a shift selected to suit taste, Robbie is a "beat" cop who generally spends the shift on the outside of the Capitol. Last week has had Robbie patrolling the grounds of the nation's Capitol searching for IED's. I noticed in film I've seen of the assault on the Capitol that some members of the USCP were in plain clothes, leaving me curious about Robbie's daily attire.

(I’m in blue below)

Time spent on the beat is generally spent in a car, which got my attention! What boy, or 57-year-old man with a boy inside, doesn't love police cars? I told Robbie of my 20-minutes of my 20-minute thrill ride behind the wheel of a cop-car.

Later in the day today, I have a meeting set to lay the final plans to put the finishing touches on the first three sites of my revolution. I’m excited to hear the timeline, because we are definitely running late.

Which I hate!

I'll fill you in on Monday, after we all enjoy a great weekend!

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Thanks for keeping us up to date with your friend Robbie. He and all the officers are in my prayers.

Have a good weekend!

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