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Old Habits Die Hard!

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

It turns out that a smooth-driving German sedan my fiancéeic Gaetana gifted the family three-years ago came with some conditions unstated at the time.

Notable among them was that when the lease on the Audi Sedan ran out, it was my turn to feed the driveway!

During previous car shopping’s, I’ve tended to prioritized performance over function; that proclivity leaving me with a preference for German steel.

And American fiberglass!

But it was Stamford’s traffic and my mother’s wheelchair which was most front-of-mind as I explored the new car market for the first time since #Dan made me a commuter.

Online comparisons lead me to drive the Hyundai Kona, Mazda CX-30 and Civic Hatchback. THE Honda becoming an early favorite due to the availability of an anti-left device I still find myself partial to!

Each of trio priced between $28,000-$35,000 causing me appreciate the humble nature of Japanese and Korean car makers as compared to the Germans; comparable Beemers would have cost an additional $20K.

That savings enticement enough to break THE habit!

Test driving each on the streets of Stamford, streets first mapped in 1640, it was the Kona which proved itself most-worthy. Its attractive skin, sporty nature and list of features more than enough to made Kone the obvious choice for the next 30,000 miles.

The smallest of the three by as much as a foot, the Kona needs just half a gallon of gas to propel me the 15-miles to my mother's house and back. And with traffic on 95 never getting above 50 mph, the Kona has no trouble reaching speed.

The trip to mom's the most frequent of my weekly routine.

While merely sipping its petrol, the Kona keeps me comfortable with an array of features impressive for a vehicle at this price point.

Among them an all-wheel-drive system which New England winters makes imperative.

The Kona also comes with Apple CarPlay and features a wireless collection between my two favorite devices. THE ether allowing me to keep my phone in my pocket while I drive.

Which it turns out, Geico will give you a discount for!

Apple CarPlay of course also allows access my music library while driving; a feature my fiancéeic did not feel I was worth when it was her turn to buy!

In addition to this blog the Kona also mused a new playlist, one for my miles behind its wheel.

Songs of cars and how they move us. Which would sound a lot better if a Kona came with a Beemer's speakers!


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