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Poor Austin!

I've been on edge lately and really feeling the stress of all I have going on. It's affecting my attitude around the house.

At least that's what Buck told me last night while I was trying to enjoy a quiet moment on the patio.

Of course, just because Buck said that doesn't make it true! She also told me that after she leaves to move to Austin, TX on Friday that I was not going to enjoy my "quiet nights" on the patio as much.

I did think about that before I cosigned her lease and offered to help with the rent. But after thinking about it: I cosigned the lease and agreed to pay the there's that!

Today's blog was written "one the fly" this morning as I posted, which I am generally loathe to do but the current workload requires. In-fact I was going to pass on posting a blog this morning due to how busy this week has been but I wanted to get this podcast out today and I like to set them up a bit for you.

Nick May is a successful painting contractor and social media influencer among painting contractors. His new program, the Pro Painter Network is his effort to "elevate the trade" through the education and networking that his group will be offering. I've known Nick for a few years and even worked with him on a project while I was at Benjamin Moore.

The relationship between independent paint retailers and painting contractors will continue to be a significant one for paint dealers for years to come. Because of that intimate connection between dealers and their painting contractor customers, Nick feels that dealers who engage in the process of educating and elevating painting contractors are not just helping the contractor but are helping themselves.

I agree!

Time to Build the Web Sites!

Every morning at 9 AM I meet with a development team of eight programmers and developers. We are building the web sites for my three Minutemen and moving so quickly that we need the time each day for progress reports. On our calendars, the daily meeting reminder is called the "daily stand-up."

But sometimes I take the calls lying down because I like to cause trouble.

Sorry for the short blog but you'll enjoy your time with Nick May and you can listen here on my site or on SoundCloud, Stitcher and Apple.

By the way, my sister told me last night that while she reads all my blogs, she only reads the funny part at the top about the family. What kind of sister doesn't read to the bottom? I guess it's true: you can't pick your family!

I'll be back on Monday with a full blog. But I can't put the story about my sister walking into a glass door at the top.

You'll have to read to the end!


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