Sorry I'm Late!

The Lipton’s have always been a punctual bunch.

Except ME!

Or at least that’s what the rest of the Lipton’s think.

When you’re a Lipton, late is not an option. As a matter of fact, they’re so bad that I’ve always made the joke, “If you’re meeting the Lipton’s at a restaurant 7:00, you had better be at the bar with a drink in your hand at 6:50 otherwise; you’re LATE!"

My mother and sister have always been bothered by that joke because to them the problem is simple: “Mark, you’re late!” And no matter how many times I rolled my eyes or insisted that I was on-time and that they were early, I was never able to make my point.

Of-course, that little idiosyncrasy doesn’t stop us from being a close family and so I thought it was sweet that both my mother and sister texted me on Monday night this past week to say happy birthday.

Which confused me, because my birthday was Tuesday!

Making them early and proving my point!

Early is not something I know a whole lot about these days. Working from home continues to allow me to change my schedule to one that better suits my nocturnal ways. Generally, the first appointment time I make available is 10:00 AM and I continue to be happy writing and editing podcasts well into the night.

I have spent time the last few weeks catching up on my podcasting. I always enjoy making these and they continue to be a “fan favorite” and so I don’t know why when I get busy, pods are the first thing to go? But now I am (re)committed and so with this blog, I also dropped a new episode of the “Mark, My Words!” podcast.

Tim Bowling is the owner of Hoover Paint, headquartered in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. With eight stores in the suburbs around Nashville, Tim has a multidimensional business. With six outside reps, Hoover handles industrial maintenance coatings, RomaBio Mineral Paints and Chemcraft for the wood finishers. As for the paint brands, he carries PPG, Fine Paints of Europe, Richards and recently added Benjamin Moore to most of his locations.

With all those lines, Tim clearly understands the value of diversification!