The Tyranny of Chains!

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

My fiancée Guy is back to working from home last week and this. When her boss heard that she had been to Florida, where your waitress brings your Covid-19 right to your lounge at beachside, they sent Guy home for a two-week quarantine.

Just another reason to love THE Sunshine state!

We are making do of course but with three people home working all day, my soundproof headphones are getting a workout! Here’s a picture of my “desk” for the last few months: my laptop, a full-size keyboard and trackpad (an accommodation to old and slow fingers which like to spread out when they type), a stand to hold my phone for Zoom calls, a bottle of vitamins, my allergy meds, a plant, a panini press and some ham and cheese which Chris just took out.

(He’s about to get pissed when he learns I only left him one slice of American cheese! You snooze you lose dude!)


I was right in thinking that the Covid-19 outbreak would bring a tsunami of changes to our industry and channel! It has brought many and it will bring more in the coming weeks, months and years.

But I was wrong in thinking that the outcomes of those changes would be lower sales.

When I wrote in March about understanding your burn rates and how long you can last without revenue; that was good advice. In a crisis, know your resources! But for most of you, I was still wrong! You weren't going to need that info!

Of course I had no way of knowing that the outbreak would cause homebound consumers to want to paint. I had no way of knowing the government was going to print a quick $4,000,000,000,000 and start handing it out! Who thought “Whoa, look at all those people dying in New York…..must mean we are in for a good exterior season!”