Usain Bolt and Me!

During the 2009 Track and Field World Championship the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, was called for a false start in the 100-meter dash.

Leading up to the race, Bolt was the handicappers favorite. He was the current world record holder in the event, thanks to his time of 9.69 seconds at the previous Olympics in Beijing in 2008.

Fortunately for Bolt, this wasn’t the Olympics. Because of what is often referred to as the “cruelest rule in sports” his one fault would have disqualified Bolt from the race had this been Beijing!

But the rules during the World Championship of 2009 allowed for one mistake. And so Bolt toed the blocks for a second time.

It took Bolt just 9.58 seconds to run the 100-meter dash that day. In doing so he broke his own world record set at those Olympics a year earlier. A world record which still stands, 11-years later. His run for the ages was clearly, meant to be run.

About the only thing that I can do in 9.58 seconds is piss my fiancée Guy off!

In fact, I’ve done it in far less! Though there is no medal in that event!

And since Guy and I are still together, that means Usain and I have something in common: We like to make the best of second chances!

I don’t love the term “second chance” for its implication that something went so wrong in the first chance that the effort needed to be abandoned.

But Usain and I know: shit happens! So no matter how it starts, we are prepared to run our best race, until we cross the finish line.