Losing a Bet, What a Fun Laxtivity!

My fiancée Guy and I, used to make a lot of friendly bets. If she said up and I said down......we’d put $5 on the outcome and roll the dice.

But losing a bet to Guy is no fun, and so we had to stop betting.

She’s the sort of winner that likes you to know she won! In-fact the last time she won a bet from me (which coincides with the last time she PLACED a bet with me) she left her winning $5 bill on her nightstand for a week! And no matter how many times I slipped it under her book….it made its way back to the top of the pile.

I appreciate that she would never go so far as to say “YOU LOSER!” But with the five dollar bill sitting there every freaking day for a WEEK.....she didn’t have to!

And that’s only ONE of the reasons I had to stop betting with her. The other was her propensity to win bets in unusual ways. Losing on a technicality is one thing....but constantly losing bets that way is a drag and so I decided:

No more betting!

But the other night, when Guy used the word “laxtivity” in a sentence, I smelled opportunity! I pride myself on having a sizable vocabulary and I had never heard that “word” before. Plus, it was late, she was sleepy and had already had a bourbon!

I liked my odds!

Through my snickering I offered a bet: “I’ve got $5 that says “laxtivity” is NOT a word!”

I was golden! As I offered my bet, I was already envisioning myself walking Guy into our local pub for dinner with a $5 bill taped to my forehead!

We laid out the ground-rules: if it’s in the dictionary, it’s a word. I almost felt bad taking her money like this.