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You Call That Workin'?

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

With the Yankees back in the post season, the time seemed right to return home. To the only New York borough whose name requires a definite article.

THE Bronx!

The 42 square mile patch of land which the indigenous Siwanoy called Rananchqua, before the Dutchman Jonas Broncks arrived in 1643 and said, "fuck that."

Knock, Knock

A late-night text from a friend created the opportunity to return to my home county, while simultaneously exposing #MLB's problem with post season day games.

On September 29th paint manufacturer Kelly-Moore announced that it had been acquired by the private equity firm the Flacks Group. The announcement went on to add that Flacks sees Kelly-Moore as a “platform with the potential for bolt-on acquisitions,” according to new managing director Charles Gassenheimer.

Despite avoiding any mention of independents, the announcement still garnered attention from retailers and other stakeholders in the channel. My podcast reporting on the announcement went straight to the top of the charts receiving more than 500 engagements in its first hours.

And it wasn't just traffic on my content channels which felt the boost as people searched my on LinkedIn more than usual this week.

The Moore the merrier!

What’s THE Scoop?

In a coincidence unsual enough that I felt the need to add a disclosure to my last blog, I had already been working on a podcast about Kelly-Moore at the time the company released their announcement.

On that episode, the California-based paint manufacturer announced that for the first time in their 76-year history their branded products are being made available to paint consumers in the Northeastern United States.

Exclusively at independent paint retailers!

The first dealer exclusive full-line paint brand to enter the channel in more than 30-years!

Moore To Come!

With both PPG and Sherwin-Williams exposing their disdain for the channel it's no surprise that dealers are hungry for news of changes in distribution strategy amongst any of the nation's largest paint manufacturers.

Thank You, and Welcome!

More people signed up for my blog and podcast notifications last week than had in any previous week.

Giving me the opportunity to make some new friends.

I like to ask new subscribers what topics they want to see content on, making him responsible for the hardest part of my job: THE idea!


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